Geek Chic

  • Styling – Steph & Avril
  • Photography – Emma
  • Editing – Emma & Steph

Le geek, c’est chic

Geek chic is a trend that has been popping up all over the place recently.  Particularly amongst East London’s cool kids.  Sensational YouTube video entitled ‘Being a dickhead’s cool!’ takes the piss out of the empty frame wearing trendy wendies.  Nonetheless I guess I always thought glasses were cool, as I never got a chance to wear them..  geek chic is embracing the stereotypical traits of a nerd and in return is uniting all social misfits!  D Squared2 Spring/Summer 2011 collection had geek chic written all over it.  I love the trench coats, blazers, brogues with socks, the hats and of course the black framed spectacles.

Our geek chic shoot was really spur of the moment.  I was looking a bit nerdy anyway in my buttoned to the collar shirt.  We threw in the preppy wine jacket & glasses and were good to go!..I have to admit I loved embracing my inner geek and really didn’t want to take those glasses off!..Being a geek is cool!…and so much fun!

Photos by Catch Coco ♥


One thought on “Geek Chic

  1. Hey Girls, I love what you’ve done with the Geek Chic theme. I styled a shoot where we used the same theme, if you get a chance maybe check it out on my blog

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