Hello there catch coco readers! Although the weather has been a bit mad. It is summer, so time to show a bit of skin and get into your favourite dress. Here’s more of Emma’s shots from the other day. I really adore this Paradisa dress. The bright block Royal Blue is so striking. I love the fact that it can be dressed up or down. It can look cool and minimal, worn at a summer BBQ with ballet bumps/hat/cardigan. Or it can look modern and elegant, if you accessorize well with high heels and Jewelry. An Indian wedding would be perfect..! I think when you want to invest in a statement piece like this, its better if you can wear it in more than one style. Nothing worse than spending 200 quid on a dress and only wearing it once.

The necklace is by Gogo Philips at Topshop. I really love their stuff. It resembles cheap costume jewelry. Its very out there, 70’s vintage, most pieces are gold, chunky but so kitch & cool. Check it out next time you’re in Topshop.

Oh and don’t talk to be about that hat. At the moment its permanently on my head!..

Paradisa Dress and Hat from Reiss

Disco 70’s Platforms from Office

Necklace by Gogo Phillips @ Topshop

Sunglasses from H&M

Gold Casio watch from Urban Outfitters

Photos by Catch Coco ♥


Avril at London Fashion Week

What I was wearing by Avril

There I am on the first day of London Fashion week looking effortlessly cool and oh so Irish in my green shirt!  Perfect shirt for Paddy’s day, which is coming up on 17th of March by the way.  You think I would be used to the camera, having Emma around snapping away all the time…haha, I’m not!

The night before the start of LFW I went through what is left of my great-aunt Anna’s wardrobe.  I absolutely adored her silk green shirt the first time I saw it!  My cousin Tommy informed me that Anna was really into style and fashion – she really believed in spending money on good quality pieces, and would save to buy what she really loved.  She was in her late 90s when she died so she was clearly a woman before her time.  This shirt was one of her favourites.  It is lovely and silky, feels nice against your skin and is bright green – what more could you want in a shirt?

The little Aran island cardigan was also Anna’s.  I love the brown buttons and the fact her name is written on it – reminds me of something I wore as a child and if you’re Irish it probably reminds you too.  The necklace over the shirt belongs to my mum, she never wore it but she’ll probably want it back now!  The black animal print leggings are from a small boutique which I can’t remember the name of!  And finally the lovely high velvet green shoes, aka ‘the sexy leprechaun shoes’ are from Office and belong to my very stylish friend Tena.  So there you go peeps that’s what I was wearing on the first day of LFW!

Photos by Catch Coco ♥


These shots were taken by Emma just before Christmas at Somerset House.  As always, it was such a pleasure to do this shoot.  There was a real festive vibe in the air.  Fashion Accessories brand, Fuudluxe, were kind enough to let us feature their hoods.

Fuudluxe was founded by Lousie Halswell and Laura Boyle.  These two creatives are constantly conjuring up new ideas and are forever experimenting with new materials.  I love their fresh outlook and willingness to mix it up a little.  Not only are these hoods seriously comfy and warm but they also look effortlessly trendy.

It can be tricky to look good in cold weather!. . . Believe me when winter comes, runny-nosed and red-faced I find myself reaching for my not so stylish sleeping bag coat!  I’m all about the comfort.  So it’s nice to have a practical, warm, easy to wear accessory like this, that also looks great.  You can get your hands on one of theses hoods at Asos Market Place They come in a variety of styles from brown leather, tweed, and faux fur, to lumberjack cotton, suede and sheepskin.

Photos by Catch Coco ♥


Geek Chic

  • Styling – Steph & Avril
  • Photography – Emma
  • Editing – Emma & Steph

Le geek, c’est chic

Geek chic is a trend that has been popping up all over the place recently.  Particularly amongst East London’s cool kids.  Sensational YouTube video entitled ‘Being a dickhead’s cool!’ takes the piss out of the empty frame wearing trendy wendies.  Nonetheless I guess I always thought glasses were cool, as I never got a chance to wear them..  geek chic is embracing the stereotypical traits of a nerd and in return is uniting all social misfits!  D Squared2 Spring/Summer 2011 collection had geek chic written all over it.  I love the trench coats, blazers, brogues with socks, the hats and of course the black framed spectacles.

Our geek chic shoot was really spur of the moment.  I was looking a bit nerdy anyway in my buttoned to the collar shirt.  We threw in the preppy wine jacket & glasses and were good to go!..I have to admit I loved embracing my inner geek and really didn’t want to take those glasses off!..Being a geek is cool!…and so much fun!

Photos by Catch Coco ♥