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Shannon: A Million Miles EP

I am delighted to say that my photo has been chosen as the cover of Shannon’s debut EP.  There are also three more of my images included on the EP artwork.  You can see more photos from this day, on the set of ‘A Million Miles’ music video here.  The music video was directed by Eoin C Macken & shot in Slane Castle.  Check it out below!  Last week I did another shoot with Shannon in Slane – this time we went for a lovely outdoor setting.  I will be posting these photos soon!

Photos by Catch Coco ♥

Shannon: Music Video – Behind the Scenes

Last week my friend, Eoin C Macken of Blank Canvas Pictures was directing a music video in Slane Castle for the stunning Shannon O’Connor who is soon to release her debut single.  Check out her website Shannon Official.  I decided to head along to say ‘hi’ and brought my camera just incase there were any photo opportunities.  These are my behind the scenes shots from the music video.  It was shot in Slane Castle (oh the memories of those teenage years spent at concerts on the hill).  It was a lot different this time, not just because we were in the castle – the basement to be precise.  Who knew that Slane Castle used to have a niteclub in the basement?!  This is where the video was shot – the niteclub is no longer going but the venue is still set up as such.  It provided a great backdrop for Shannon’s video.  It was a great day with a lovely cast and crew.  Shannon has such a fantastic look and I love her debut single (even after listening to it on repeat for the day!) –  I have no doubt that she will go far in the music world.

Photos by Catch Coco ♥