Behind the Scenes Fashion Shoot- Durdle Door Dorset

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to Durdle Door in Dorset to assist a shoot with Stylist Tena Strok. We were working on the shoot with Swiss photographer Amanda Camenisch and make up artist Daniela Koller. Beth Brown@premier was our beautiful, mermaid like model for the weekend.

DURDLE DOOR!?… Yeah it sounds like a Harry Potter type town! It was such a breath of fresh air, an incredibly beautiful, magical setting.. It had been so long since I had left London, it was nice to adventure out of the big smoke! We all bundled into a car  Saturday evening and set off from the offices in Shoreditch. We stayed in a little picturesque town called ‘Wareham’ It was so lovely and as Tena kept saying.. You could not make this place up!… Here are a few images from behind the scenes. I have so many so I will share some more with you over the next few days. Have a wonderful weekend. x


One thought on “Behind the Scenes Fashion Shoot- Durdle Door Dorset

  1. The scenery is a great back drop for a ‘mermaid/sea goddess’ type shoot. I agree that Durdle Door sounds like something strait out of Harry Potter.

    Really like the pastel streaks in the models hair. Lovely shoot & styling.

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